Foundation Juan de los Toyos

The Foundation Juan de los Toyos is an entity placed in the Basque Country, specialized in research and dissemination of Active Remembrance, and with a great expertise in European cooperation with different networks of organizations. The entity has carried out several projects related to exile and refugees of Jewish in Spanish during World War II.


Fundacja Auschwitz-Birkenau

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation represents the most important concentration camp in Europe and it is the alive reminiscence of the horror and crimes caused by Nazism in Europe. They preserve the memory and the physical heritage of the camp and constitute and added value to the present project.

Fundaçao Aristides Sousa Mendes

The Foundation was created by the Sousa Mendes family and financially supported by the Portuguese Foreign Affairs Minister aims at dignifying and disseminating the work of the Portuguese diplomat who saved more than 30000 Jewish lives. The solidarity and altruism of Aristides Sousa Mendes are the inspiration for the Foundation activities.

Stiftung Jüdisches Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum Berlin sees itself as a forum for research, discussion, and exchange of ideas. The library, archive, and collections invite academic analysis while events and education programs enable the broadening of knowledge.

Foundation pour la Memoire de la Shoah.

The Foundation funds research in anti-Semitic persecutions and the Holocaust in France and abroad. It regularly supports initiatives launched by the French Ministry of National Education and by teachers. Assistance from the Foundation may also cover pedagogical resources as well as the organization of training sessions and seminars for teachers.

Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future

The Foundation offers a different perspective of the Jewish issue from the perspective of its causes: the National Socialism in Germany that was the basis of the Nazism crimes. The Foundation uses the lessons from the past to understand the migration phenomenon in Europe and its contributions to the EU identity and to face the challenges caused by social and labour inclusion of different citizens.



INVESLAN is a social research organization with a wide experience in the field of innovative and collaborative learning. INVESLAN has developed different projects based on intergenerational exchange as a channel to share knowledge and it offers its experience in this area to cooperate with the Foundation Juan de los Toyos.