The elderly are a living source of History.

Through their experiences or the experiences of their acquaintances we can discover a part of History not in the books. Young people have questions which can be answered by the elderly and… that is what we have done! We have asked our elderly to tell us their own experiences, or their intimate´s, to find out how the Jewish running away from the Nazism lived in Spain.
Along 10 questions made by young people and answered by seniors we will know a bit more about this piece of History.

Sabrina Nielebock, from Germany, cooperates in our project to disseminate the European Remembrance narrating in English the conversation between Yago Rodríguez and Eduardo Martín de Pozuelo

Filippo Positano, from Italy, cooperates in our project translating the answer to this question:In Spain we saw how Jews entered the country both through transit visas and illegally. Which other European and non-European countries did also welcome Jews?

Patricia Fernández, from Spain, cooperates in our project translating one question from a Spanish student. Thank you Patricia… and good luck in Ireland!

Translation of David´s question, who wants to know if the Jews with a Spanish origing were better treated by the Francoist regime.

Nerea wants to know why Portugal acted differently from Spain when it comes to the Jews

Translation of question about the situation about the visas of the Jews who came to Spain running away from the Nazis

Translation of Estefania´s question, a young girl from Navarra. She wants to know if the Jews who remained in Spain had access to housing or education.

Translation of Adam´s question, who wants to know if there were humanitarian organizations helping the Jews in Spain

Translation of Miguel Ángel´s question, who wants to know about the pass of the Jews through the Pyrenees to get to Spain and Portugal

Translation of Leire´s question, a student from Burgos, to José Manuel Mata, a professor in the university of the Basque Country. Which sectors of the Spanish society were more anti semitism?