On December 10, 2014, with the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, there was a Study Visit to the concentration camp of Miranda de Ebro. The aim of this visit was to express to the students the values of tolerance, equality and democratic principles, by transmitting historical knowledge about the reality lived there. We welcome the participation of the 120 youngsters from the Secondary Schools “Montes Obarenes” and “Fray Pedro de Urbina”, the Integrated Center of Professional Training “Rio Ebro” and the Sagrados Corazones School.


Continuing with our project, we have organized a new activity to be held on December 10, consisting in a study visit to the former concentration camp of Miranda de Ebro, located just outside the town of Burgos.

With this new stage of the project, the Foundation is framed as homework, dissemination, especially among young people, facts and experiences that occurred in the field, and suffered persons were detained, including Jewish ethnicity. So the memory of these events can be preserved, and that these do not happen again.

The visit will involve several schools in Miranda. Specifically, more than 100 students, accompanied by their teachers, they can learn in situ, firsthand, the vestiges of that historical footprint, through visits to guide Jesus Visa and Luis Alberto Egea, members of the Association shall by the Historical Memory of Miranda de Ebro.

Previously, writer and researcher Carlos de la Sierra, will give a didactic lecture to students, so that they have more information then known reality in the camp.

The event has the support of the City of Miranda de Ebro, whose mayor, Fernando Campo will participate in the presentation, together with the President of the Foundation, Raul Arza, and the Project Director, Felipe García. As in previous stages of the Project, this new task has coordination and technical assistance consultant Inveslan.